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OMATIVE Factory of the Future

In a world where data is a precious commodity and information is recognized as key to product optimization and subsequently customer satisfaction and loyalty, company's are doing all they can to get their hands on information. However, to quote Google's chief scientist, Hal Varian: "it's about recipes, not ingredients" and we might add "it's also about the right ingredients". For over 20 years we at OMATIVE have been developing our technology at the edge, putting ourselves "in the gut" of the machine. Over the years we've learned to correct ourselves and refine our product. The information our OMATIVE-Pro systems can now gather and project is the most varied, rich and meaningful on the market. This is due to fact that we come up from down within the machine and got our hands dirty. This approach has given us footing at the heart of the manufacturing process and consequently we were able to develop a system that collects, generates and evaluates crucial information such as cutting conditions, vibration patterns, spindle life indicators and more, that others have neither the machine depth or engineering experience to generate. As such, we can provide a complete array of information necessary for decision makers at all levels who need to make informed decisions based on what's happening on the shop floor.

OMATIVE-Pro presents all this data in a clear and user-friendly fashion. Our unique technology is able to present data equally from any CNC machine. With our technology, even if you have a few variety of CNC machine types and configurations, you will see all the aggregated data in a standardized format. The operator or manager can tune in to what's going on in machine 1 or observe a comprehensive presentation of all machines on the floor- again- in one standardized format regardless of CNC make!

The future of smart factories with OMATIVE systems will be a network of factories interconnected & sharing valuable data with one another, providing top management the information it needs to follow production and make informed strategic decisions. Our engineers will be able to advise and consult shop floor managers and operators on how to better their operations as well as provide real time response to any problems from our Technical Monitoring and Consulting center.

We at OMATIVE, feel a great sense of responsibility and purpose as well as we do our part in taking the industrial world forward into this next great phase.