Vibration Control & Monitoring

nReal-time machine vibration monitoring (general and “in-process” vibration) analysing data to either predict pending failures or prevent them. Makes machine into an Industry 4.0/ IIoT component.


Tool wear, tool breakage, wear and failure of machine spindle bearings, poor surface finish, inferior product quality, and even higher energy consumption — all result from excessive vibration. OMATIVE’s Vibration Control & Monitoring (VCM) monitors vibration consistently, ensuring that these kinds of conditions, so disruptive to productivity, are avoided.

The VCM system is a two‑pronged solution used to monitor in real time both the condition of machine tools and spindles, as well as the overall machining process. In both cases, alerts are sent out in cases of excessive vibration, and a stop application stops the machine when vibration becomes severe. Additionally, VCM's close monitoring of the spindle, tool, and machine table detects upcoming collisions and stops the machine within one millisecond, preventing massive collision damage.

A continuous log of machine and spindle vibration events is recorded and available.

Production‑related VCM benefits:

  • Prevents breakage
  • Enables preemptive maintenance and repair work
  • Avoids extended disruptions to productivity
  • Avoids costly replacements of machine parts and tools due to breakage

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