VCM deeper look

Tool wear, tool breakage, wear and failure of machine spindle bearings, poor surface finish, inferior product quality, and even higher energy consumption — all result from excessive vibration. OMATIVE’s Vibration Control Monitor (VCM) monitors vibration 24x7x365, ensuring that these kinds of conditions, so disruptive to productivity, are avoided.

Ensure metal cutting operations proceed smoothly and securely 
With the VCM installed, machines are under constant supervision and protected from vibration‑induced spindle damage and breakage and from catastrophic collision events.

VCM — a two‑pronged solution 
The VCM system is a two‑pronged solution used to monitor the condition of machine tools and spindles, and also used to monitor the machining process. In both cases, the system is always‑on and sends out alerts in cases of excessive vibration, and stops the machine when vibration become severe.

Condition Monitoring

Continuous machine tool and spindle monitoring
The VCM monitors the condition of the machine tool and spindle 24x7x365. A continuous log of machine and spindle vibration events is recorded and available.
When dangerous vibrations limits are close, the VCM stops the machine in order to prevent breakage.

Process Control

Monitor individual tools. Prevent collisions.

Monitoring individual tools — tool breakage and damage to the machined part are averted — VCM enables accurate monitoring of each individual tool’s vibrations in real time. Excessive vibration leads to VCM intervention: stopping the machine.
Collision detection — avoid massive collision damage — the VCM continuously monitors conditions involving the spindle, tool or machine table in order to avoid collisions. If such conditions are detected, the VCM stops the machine within one millisecond, preventing the massive damage resulting from such events.

Production‑related VCM benefits

  • Prevents breakage
  • Enables preemptive maintenance and repair work
  • Avoids extended disruptions to productivity
  • Avoids costly replacements of machine parts and tools due to breakage

VCM Reports — enables smoother production and well‑maintained machine tools
Accessible via the machine’s HMI, VCM reporting and statistics features make it easy for shopfloor managers to keep track of the condition of machines, spindles, and tools. The VCM system records all vibration patterns and events including breakage, crashes, and failures.
VCM reports provide actionable information so shopfloor managers can improve processes and gain greater understanding of the machine’s condition. The reports also contain information on technical or equipment problems, which can then be immediately treated.

VCM Installation
All machine tools can be equipped with the VCM in a smooth and speedy installation process. The VCM consists of a Data Acquisition unit, vibration sensor(s) and Windows‑based software which is integrated into the CNC’s HMI. Each unit can support up to three channels.