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Machine Condition Diagnostics

OMATIVE’s machine condition diagnostics solution is perfect for manufacturers who understand the importance of monitoring the health of their machine tools and maintaining them before a problem appears.

OMATIVE’s machine condition monitoring solution:

  • Continually measures vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement in real time
  • Issues warnings and/or stops the machine when vibration is excessive

Vibration signature: Healthy conditions vs. maintenance needed
As a reference measure, the machine's vibration signature is recorded when the machine is “healthy,” i.e., not experiencing deviations from normal vibration. This enables ongoing, automatic readings to be compared to the reference baseline signature.

Black box diagnostics: Ideal for machine tool manufacturers
Based on the continuously recorded machine vibration history, the VCM operates as a “black box,” which enables post‑failure vibration analysis. This can help supervisors learn about improper operating practices used on the shopfloor.

For machine tool builders, this function can minimize machine warranty costs related to broken or damaged spindles or other parts, by indicating the source of the damage. 

Machine diagnosis is made simpler with a record of the machine's history over time  (click to enlarge)

 Record of machine's “healthy” vibration signature  (click to enlarge)