Omative - Pro

Cloud solution connecting all machines on the shopfloor enabling monitoring and control from any location. Real-time dynamic variations display and analytics all presented in a standardised format


OMATIVE Productivity & Maintenance Management System 

OMATIVE-Pro is a comprehensive production and predictive maintenance management system that provides a full range and array of factory wide manufacturing data. OMATIVE-Pro networks all CNC machines on the shop-floor (regardless of machine type) to enable the monitoring and control of machine productivity, tool utilization, and machine condition from any supervisor or management location. OMATIVE-Pro displays real-time dynamic variations during machining, as well as essential production performance information, creating a comprehensive and in-depth view of all parameters relevant to productivity, machine condition, maintenance, efficiency, planning, and costs.

Available information and statistics readily accessible include:

  • Job progress tracking
  • Production output estimation
  • Record of the number of parts produced in every batch per machine
  • Machining costs analysis
  • Record and analyze of tool utilization and tooling cost
  • Comparison of tool performance by manufacturer and suppliers
  • Production bottlenecks and production control issue diagnostics
  • Identification of machining and production disruptions, and analysis of their causes
  • Verification of NC program efficiency 
  • Optimization of NC programs, tooling, fixturing, etc.

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