Omative-Pro deeper look

To run tight and profitable operations, shopfloor managers need information at their fingertips. OMATIVE‑Pro is a comprehensive management system that provides the full range and array of details involved in running factory‑wide machining operations through a comprehensive view of all the parameters relevant to:

* Productivity
* Machine condition
* Efficiency
* Planning
* Costs

Productivity overview and control: OMATIVE‑Pro is connected to the network of machines on the shopfloor and continuously extracts instantly available, real‑time event data.
Below is just some of the information managers can access in order to help them run solid operations that lead to greater productivity and cost‑efficiency.

· Track job progress
· Estimate production output
· Record the number of parts produced in every batch per machine
· Analyze machining costs
· Record and analyze tool utilization and tooling cost
· Compare tool performance by manufacturer and suppliers
· Diagnose production bottlenecks and production control issues
· Identify machining and production disruptions, and analyze their causes
· Verify NC program efficiency
· Optimize NC programs, tooling, fixturing, etc.

More valuable management information: Real‑time production and machine performance
OMATIVE‑Pro tracks the real‑time performance of the shopfloor machines and the rate of productivity. In this way, managers have an objective measurement of efficiency for machines (capacity) and for operators (work efficiency). It provides statistics for all those parameters that include summaries of utilization, downtime, productivity, number of manufactured parts, spindle condition, and more.

Operational intelligence Because the system stores production performance history in its database, shop managers benefit from a long and documented view of operations and making decisions, large and small, is more informed and simpler.

OMATIVE‑Pro: Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance 
An integral part of productivity and cost‑effectiveness is optimal maintenance of machine tools.|
OMATIVE‑Pro's Conditioning Monitoring module monitors machine tools on the factory floor so that deviations from normal operation are automatically detected and the machine is protected.

OMATIVE‑Pro monitors three important parameters of machine functioning:

· Vibration
· Temperature
· Load

These data are continually collected and analyzed in real time. The information is always accessible in a clear and easily understandable form that enables managers to schedule maintenance, when needed and/or to take immediate action.
In extreme cases, when dangerous conditions are reached, the system stops machining operation so that damage to the machine and its critical parts are avoided.

Condition monitoring  leads to optimal machine maintenance so that manufacturing benefits from:

· Greater productivity
· Reduced costs
· Longer life for machine tools
· Higher part quality

OMATIVE‑Pro for every manufacturing shopfloor 
While factories need not implement OMATIVE’s machining optimization systems in order to benefit from OMATIVE‑Pro, doing so contributes to operations that are even more optimized and productive. Learn more about OMATIVE’s Adaptive and Vibration Control and Monitoring system.