Omative provides Real-time solutions to minimize cycle times, optimize productivity and maintenance, and protect machines and parts. Omative's technologies are "smart factory" enablers, turning machines into IIoT objects.


The only IIoT/Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Systems combining smart connected factory operations with real-time data generation, collection and analytics

OMATIVE has been developing innovative "Edge" technologies for the CNC machine tool industry for more than two decades. Our extensive engineering experience and breakthrough technologies have earned us our well-deserved reputation as the leader in optimization of CNC manufacturing, as well as data collection and analytics of production and equipment. The Industrial Internet of Things/Industry 4.0 era has begun and OMATIVE's technologies are essential to effective, smart factory manufacturing. 

Our machine level technologies monitor and analyze the manufacturing process, provide predictive maintenance and direct the machine to take corrective action in real time and automatically adjust feed rates in response to changes in actual cutting dynamics and machine conditions. These processes, along with our unique access to other source-based inputs, provide us with unparalleled machine presence and with the most varied, rich, and meaningful data that others have neither the machine presence nor engineering depth and experience to access and provide.

And now, OMATIVE has joined Siemens. Already known as a world leader in Digital Factory technology, Siemens takes another step toward bringing you fully networked production, so that you have a smooth flow from your great ideas to profitable manufacturing.

See press release here.

OMATIVE and Siemens together are eager to help you with innovative solutions to all your machining needs.

"OMATIVE Systems is making standard machines smarter"

- UI Labs: McKinsey Digital Capability Center, Chicago IL