Partners & Customers

Omative's Blue-chip customers and partners are excellent proof of Omative's capabilities 





Using OMATIVE system, we went from 245 seconds to 147 seconds on a tool to rough out the perimeter of the square base.
— Howard Wheeler, GE Power Systems USA

With time reductions of approximately 15% in rough milling along with the elimination of tool breakages, savings have been significant.
— Michel Jocteur-Monrozier, Peugeot-Citroen France

The combined time for two rough milling cutters on a Gas Engine Head was 15.2 minutes. By letting OMATIVE ACM control the feed, the cutting time dropped to 12.1 minutes.
— Caterpillar Newsletter, USA

With ACM, not only did we achieve faster machining, we also got the added bonus of decreased tool breakage.
— Mike Shoemaker, Morton Machining USA