About Omative

Omative services the manufacturing industry by utilizing it's technologies to make the Industry 4.0 smart factory a reality.




OMATIVE is a world leading provider of optimization systems and solutions for attaining maximum shop-floor efficiency in manufacturing, through the development of a truly comprehensive factory optimization system. OMATIVE has built on its base technologies and its real-time machine optimization capabilities, including the utilization of “Big Data”, to become an essential component of the Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 revolution in manufacturing. This extends far beyond what has already been achieved by OMATIVE in optimizing the actual manufacture of a great variety of metal parts at the machine level for a wide range of industries.

For over 20 years OMATIVE’s mission has been to provide industrial manufacturers with adaptive control, monitoring and management solutions for metal cutting at the machine level that make it possible for them to work smarter, more productively and efficiently, while reducing costs and conserving precious resources.

The line of software and hardware solutions developed by OMATIVE enables full integration of machine tools into the “Smart Factory” environment. OMATIVE provides complete real-time information about the machining process, cutting tool and machine tool conditions, and then stores this information and makes it available over cyber-networks for representation and analysis. Based on this information, maintenance processes are automatically triggered as they react to unexpected changes in production, and the user can predict failures and optimize the manufacturing process taking into account product properties, costs, logistics, security, reliability, time, and sustainability considerations.

A major distinguishing characteristic of OMATIVE’s optimization and predictive maintenance technologies is that, in addition to providing essential information and reports about machine operations, OMATIVE’s line of products optimize - in real time - the actual operation and maintenance management of the machine, making OMATIVE an essential element in “Smart Factory” manufacturing.