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Machine Vibration Monitoring

Excessive vibration is a well‑known and persistent problem affecting machine tools, spindles and cutting tools. When it disrupts metal‑cutting operations, it lowers efficiency and productivity. The damage it causes to machine tools and spindles can result in expensive repairs and/or replacement of critical parts.

Integrating OMATIVE’s VCM system (Vibration Control Monitor) helps customers avoid unscheduled and costly interruptions resulting from excessive vibration.

The VCM is an in‑process solution; it is a microprocessor‑based, real‑time system that analyzes vibration data to predict and/or prevent vibration‑induced damage to spindles, axis motors, bearings, cutting tools and fixtures.

Manufacturers benefit from :

  • Real‑time condition monitoring
    • Vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement are continually monitored and measured
    • Automatic readings and comparisons of the machine’s baseline vibration signature
  • Real‑time cutting process monitoring
    • Vibration of individual tools are constantly monitored
    • Detection of impending collisions involving the machine tool, the machine table, spindle and workpiece

Operators are alerted by the VCM to dangerous conditions — and under especially high‑risk conditions, the VCM stops the machine so that damage and breakage are prevented.

Integrated into new machine tool, the VCM goes a long way in protecting machines, spindles, tools and parts and in general, improving machining operations.

VCM Black Box feature — ideal for machine tool manufacturers
Based on the continuously recorded machine vibration history, the VCM operates as a “black box,” which enables post‑failure vibration analysis. This can help supervisors learn about improper operating practices used on the shopfloor.

For machine tool builders, this function can minimize machine warranty costs related to broken or damaged spindles or other parts, by indicating the source of the damage.

VCM reports — enables smoother production and well‑maintained machine tools
The VCM system records and reports on all vibration patterns and events including breakage, crashes and failures improper technical practices and fixture problems. The reports are accessible via the machine’s HMI.

Vibration monitoring with sensor locations  (click to enlarge)

Excessive vibration triggers alert  (click to enlarge)

Diagram of the OMATIVE vibration monitoring system's connection to machine tool  (click to enlarge)

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