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Tool Condition Monitoring

With OMATIVE's tool condition monitoring solution, shopfloor managers no longer need to worry about machining with worn or broken tools, and its consequences.

The solution tracks and detects conditions of:

  • Tool overload
  • Tool breakage
  • Missing tools or parts
  • No‑load situations
  • Erroneously repeated runs of the same part

It alerts operators to these dangerous conditions, allowing correction of the situation before damage occurs.

How is this achieved? Spindle load and tool condition are continuously monitored to provide protection for the tools, spindle, and parts. With this solution, a log of events is also maintained.

Tool condition monitoring can be run in two different modes, depending on objectives:

  • Maximum load monitoring — continuous comparison of the actual spindle load against a previously recorded maximum spindle load for the cutting operation in question.
    • If a predefined warning level is reached, an alarm is sounded and either machining continues or stops the axis movement at the next air cutting, or at the end of the operation.
    • If the spindle load reaches a pre‑defined alarm level, an alarm is sounded and if set to do so, the machine immediately stops.
  • Load‑band monitoring — the system continuously compares the actual spindle load with a previously recorded spindle load variation pattern for the current specific cutting operation.

Graphic of two kinds of tool condition monitoring  (click to enlarge)
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