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Six-Sigma Black Belt - OMATIVE products have helped users to achieve sustained quality improvement in their parts production by removing major causes of defect and by minimizing variability in their manufacturing processes. As a vital component of quality improvement, OMATIVE products have been a major factor assisting companies in obtaining Six-Sigma black belt certification for their manufacturing operations.

As an example, OMATIVE-Pro Production Performance Monitoring system coupled with ACM systems on each machine, provides a dependable base for collecting accurate data on production events as they occur. These systems constitute reliable supporting tools that are vital to the Six-Sigma philosophies and principles.

By providing conclusive and undisputable production and machining data in real-time, OMATIVE products ensure that project members have access to a reliable central database, thereby creating a harmonious team approach to the quality management process and smooth implementation of Six-Sigma methodologies towards improving the overall quality of the business.

For an example of how OMATIVE improved productivity for GE-Energy, click here.

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