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OMATIVE Production Reporting

It’s all about production!

Access important data that will help you get more out of your machines.

OEMs and end users can integrate the Production Reporting solution, the reporting component of the comprehensive shopfloor information management system, OMATIVE‑Pro solution, into their machines.

OMATIVE’s Production Reporting continuously extracts real‑time production data from the network of machines on the shopfloor and organizes them into informative reports that provide managers with information on:

  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Planning
  • Costs

Production Reporting provides comprehensive statistical reports and summaries for each machine. The reports include the following information:

  • Machine downtime & utilization
  • Tool utilization
  • Count of manufactured parts
  • Status of spindle rotation, overload, in‑material cutting or air cutting
  • Part times & operation times
  • Overall equipment efficiency (OEE)

Machine performance history
In addition to the production performance history, Production Reporting stores and displays detailed status information for every machine tool. This information that includes load and feed variations, in‑cut/air cutting times and more, is available for previous 48 hours at 1‑second intervals.

An Overall Equipment Effectiveness report with idle time reasons specified  (click to enlarge)

Report of percentages of machines’ operations during shifts  (click to enlarge)

Graphical report of machining processes  (click to enlarge)

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