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Adaptive Control & Monitoring

Optimize Productivity
By integrating OMATIVE's Adaptive Control & Monitoring, customers get a comprehensive solution loaded with capabilities and benefits that optimize machining.

With Adaptive Control and Monitoring (ACM), milling, turning, grinding, drilling, boring, and gear hobbing operations are optimized and cutting tools are protected. The solution generates actionable reports to provide managers with the data they need about the machine and its operations.

Bottom line: OMATIVE's ACM solution increases productivity, reduces machining costs and ensures consistently high workpiece quality.

Two modes of operation
Adaptive Control & Monitoring operates in two modes: feed rate optimization and tool monitoring.

Feed rate optimization mode Tool monitoring mode

ACM monitors dynamic machining parameters in real time and automatically adjusts feed rates in response to variations in material hardness, size, geometry, etc.

Cycle times are significantly optimized leading to smoother, faster production, a minimum of production disruptions and lower costs.

ACM automatically monitors and protects tools, spindle, parts and the machine itself. ACM tracks and detects conditions of tool overload, tool breakage, missing tools or parts, no‑load situations and erroneously repeated runs of the same part. It alerts operators to these dangerous conditions, allowing correction of the situation before damage occurs.

Tool life is extended and widespread damage to machined parts and the machine are avoided.

Get reports
Shopfloor managers benefit from the informative reports ACM automatically produces containing the data and insight they need to improve overall machining operations. Reports on machine and tool utilization, actual feed rate, time savings, tool wear, tool life, and more are available.

Machine sustainably
Built‑in conservation makes the ACM solution sustainable and healthier for the environment. Saving on energy, material and costs is good for the manufacturer and good for the environment.

Customize ACM‑inside
Tailor the solution to your needs:

  • Adapt ACM to factory‑specific requirements — for example, load monitoring
  • Adapt ACM to industry‑specific requirements — for example, aerospace
  • Go green — track energy consumption and reduce it
  • More — just ask us...

Milling with the ACM system — Tool protection upon impact and feed override during air‑cutting  (click to enlarge)

Monitoring the load to protect the tools  (click to enlarge)

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