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OMATIVE ACM systems implemented on Cincinnati machines 5 spindles and 5 axes in Ural Boeing Manufacturing (UBM), Russia

As of January 1, 2017, OMATIVE has appointed MAPAL HiTECO a leading supplier of tooling and accessories for the machine tool industry of Korea, as

The Official Distributor of OMATIVE Products
in the Republic of Korea.

More than 140 OMATIVE ACM systems installed in Craftsman factories in India.

OMATIVE ACMs are installed on Fives G&L machines for AIDC in Taiwan.

Beijing Hyundai Motor Co (BHMC) integrating over 300 OMATIVE systems on new production lines

BHMC is integrating Adaptive Control Systems and Vibration Control Monitors on new manufacturing lines in their Beijing facilities – for crankshaft and cylinder block production. The network of the machines involved will be connected to OMATIVE‑Pro, OMATIVE's production and maintenance management system.

OMATIVE and Hyundai WIA Developing a "Real‑Time, In‑Process Tool Wear/Breakage Monitoring and Chatter Control System"

The companies will jointly develop a real‑time, vibration‑analysis‑based, diagnostic and control system to detect small tool and tool insert breakage, as well as vibration‑related machine events – including chatter.

Hyundai tests VCM in pilot projects

Hyundai Motors' Ulsan plant and Hyundai WIA (machine tool builders) are already successfully using OMATIVE's ACM and now implementing OMATIVE's Vibration Control Monitor.

OMATIVE introduces new Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance (CMPM) solution

The newly developed Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance (CMPM) solution measures load, temperature and vibration 24x7x365.

Deviations from normal operation are automatically detected and immediately corrected, saving manufacturers time and money, and increasing productivity.

Machine Tool Diagnostics for Power Machines, Russia

OMATIVE systems has implemented a real‑time Machine Tool Diagnostics system for Power Machines of Russia. Based on the ACM and VCM technologies, this system continuously monitors the operational condition of various components at several locations to automatically optimize its machining operations and manage its maintenance activities.

GE AVIO has implemented more than 100 OMATIVE systems

GE AVIO, an OMATIVE customer with factories in Italy and Poland that manufacture aircraft engine parts, are continuing to optimize their machining operations with their more than 100 OMATIVE systems to date, and growing.

Adaptive Control Monitor (ACM) now also integrated into Sinumerik 840D‑SL (Solution Line)

Following implementations of its ACM‑for‑Sinumerik on various 840D‑SL platforms, OMATIVE systems are now available for the entire range of Sinumerik CNCs, including 840D‑PL, 840D‑SL HMI‑Advanced, and 840D‑SL Operate.

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