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Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT)

The OMATIVE Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) system provides the most comprehensive range of tangible benefits for machining operations that show up in the bottom line.

OMATIVE MOM is a comprehensive system of networked productivity, diagnostic and informational tools that enable production facilities to achieve an unprecedented degree of optimized and sustainable manufacturing. MOM provides a range of automatically‑generated in‑process diagnostic and production data about equipment and factory status and real‑time reporting of production activities. This enables real‑time visibility into activities all across the production process, giving managers actionable information in many spheres of the business related to actual machining, and more. Up‑to‑the‑minute OMATIVE MOM system reports are invaluable in understanding the big picture, so important for decision‑making.

Moreover, MOM facts and figures serve as the objective basis for steps taken to improve manufacturing processes, develop company‑wide best practices, and enhance business performance.

MOM is composed of the best OMATIVE offers:

Implementing MOM — with OMATIVE's expertise
OMATIVE's team of production and productivity experts helps each facility determine the right combination of OMATIVE technologies for every machining process on the production floor. MOM can also be integrated to work with other factory‑wide management systems such as MES, ERP, TDM, and other systems including production planning and scheduling, workforce management, inventory and material management, quality control, and accounting.

MOM is an essential Big Data component for implementing an Industrial IoT for any manufacturing enterprise.

OMATIVE Systems is the only company that offers a full range of cutting edge production optimization technologies from a single source.

In the table below, some key features of MOM implementation are listed. 

Enterprise Management

  • Production performance analysis
  • Overall equipment efficiency
  • Energy management
  • Machine investment analysis
  • Data export to ERP, MES, etc.
  • Machining cost analysis
  • Tooling cost analysis

Production Management

  • Machine utilization
  • Shift performance
  • Production data collection
  • Production projections
  • Job progress and part count
  • Cutting tool utilization
  • Stand reasons

Manufacturing Optimization

  • Real‑time adaptive control
  • Real‑time monitoring
  • Machine & tool overload protection
  • Tool wear protection & monitoring
  • Production bottleneck analysis
  • NC program efficiency analysis & optimization

Maintenance Management

  • Condition‑based predictive maintenance
  • Equipment diagnostics
  • Collision detection & protection
  • Impending breakdown alert
  • Equipment failure analysis
  • Collision monitoring
  • Equipment utilization & maintenance records
Configuration of network of machine tools connected to OMATIVE‑Pro  (click to enlarge)

Schematic showing the advantages of machining with the ACM  (click to enlarge)

Schematic showing how tools are protected by the ACM during machining  (click to enlarge)

Schematic showing how energy is conserved using Opti‑Green  (click to enlarge)

VCM file viewer screen shows vibration status and VCM actions during machining  (click to enlarge)

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