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Implement more sustainable operational practices with OMATIVE's Opti‑Green and reduce energy consumption and costs.

In contrast to other "Green" solutions which simply reduce energy consumption by shutting down various machine systems when the machine tool is idle, OMATIVE's Opti‑Green technology uses real‑time control algorithms to minimize energy consumption during the cutting process relative to the material removal rate. This unique approach leads to higher machine utilization rates and lower energy consumption per each part produced, resulting in a truly "Green" solution.

Opti‑Green effectively addresses energy conservation issues by implementing innovative technology that:

  • Reduces total energy consumed by the machine during each operation
  • Reduces cost per part including energy costs and machining costs
  • Balances energy demand/consumption over time (between high‑peak and low‑peak energy usage hours), enabling light jobs to be scheduled for expensive high‑peak hours and heavy jobs scheduled to coincide with less expensive low‑peak hours

Opti‑Green can be integrated into virtually any modern CNC machine — in individual machines and/or on a network level for all machines on the shopfloor.

Energy consumption of the machine is composed of the following components:

  • Cutting Energy — energy consumed by the machine spindle and feed drives during actual machining, which is influenced by the intensity of machining
  • Base Energy — energy consumed by the machine’s primary components such as power electronics, cooling lubricant, chip conveyor, hydraulic and spindle cooling, residual, which is a constant with machining time and it is not affected by machining intensity

More intensive machining increases energy consumed for cutting; it, however, reduces the cutting time thereby reducing the base energy consumed by the entire machine. Opti‑Green modifies cutting conditions in real time in order to find the optimal balance between these two components.

How Opti‑Green works:  Monitoring & control
For each machining operation, Opti‑Green automatically adapts critical machining parameters to the dynamic variations typical of machining. During machining, sensors monitor the machine and main spindle energy consumption, and control the feed rate and spindle speed in real‑time to achieve optimal energy utilization during production.

Diagram showing energy saved using OMATIVE's  Opti‑Green  (click to enlarge)

Schematic: Opti‑Green communication with the CNC  (click to enlarge)

Cycle Time
Without ACM 233.5 252.712
With ACM 196.9 221.037
Saving 15.7% 12.5%
Comparison table showing cycle time and energy consumption savings using the OMATIVE ACM solution, with Opti‑Green.

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