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End User Solutions for Industrial Manufacturers

Industrial manufacturers in all fields involved in metal cutting can improve productivity, protect their equipment and workpieces by adding OMATIVE solutions on to their machine tools. OMATIVE real-time solutions are highly cost-effective methods for achieving productivity and quality goals.

At the machine level, OMATIVE's Adaptive Control & Monitoring solution optimizes metal cutting in real-time and monitors tools so that breakage and subsequent disruption to production are avoided.

The Vibration Control Monitor guards against damage or breakage due to excessive vibration, protecting the machine tool, spindle and individual tools and preventing catastrophic collision-related damage.

The information provided by OMATIVE-Pro affords managers a top-level view of machining operations and productivity with information that helps them run their shopfloor more efficiently and productively.

The Condition Monitoring for Predictive Maintenance solution facilitates a predictive maintenance policy for all shopfloor machines, resulting inlonger life for machine tools, production of higher quality parts, and greater productivity.

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