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About OMATIVE Systems

OMATIVE Systems has been increasing productivity in the metal‑cutting industry, saving time, money and protecting tools — since 1993.

OMATIVE's core expertise is in the area of real‑time monitoring and control of metal cutting operations on CNC machines. With its flagship product, the Adaptive Control & Monitoring (ACM) system, the company introduced its groundbreaking solutions to the field. After close to two decades, the ACM's real‑time tool monitoring and adaptive control capabilities remain unequaled.

OMATIVE continues to develop new solutions that address different challenges of CNC machining. The company’s highly regarded Vibration Control Monitor (VCM) enables manufacturers to protect their machines, tools, and parts from damage that results from excessive vibration.

All of our optimization technologies are connected to our OMATIVE‑Pro Productivity Management System that networks all CNC machines on the shop floor, enabling real‑time monitoring and control of machine productivity and tool utilization from any management location in a factory network, or via secure internet connection. OMATIVE‑Pro integrates OMATIVE base technologies and real‑time machine optimization capabilities with enterprise wide manufacturing and operational optimization systems, enabling a dynamic Big Data and IoT/Industrie 4.0 approach to manufacturing. In addition, the condition monitoring capabilities enable predictive maintenance, allowing for preemptive repair of problems that could stop production.

OMATIVE is committed to developing solutions that respond to manufacturers’ needs to maintain a competitive and qualitative edge while reducing costs and increasing productivity.

OMATIVE solutions are used the world over in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, power generation, cutting tools, tool and die manufacturing and other fields. OMATIVE products are installed on CNC machines to control, monitor, and manage a range of operations including milling, turning, grinding, drilling, boring, and gear hobbing. Equipment manufacturers integrate OMATIVE solutions into their CNCs.

OMATIVE maintains an international network of technical centers, regional offices, and distributors offering sales, skillful product support, dependable service, and customer training.

OMATIVE's mission and vision
From the beginning, back in 1993, the OMATIVE mission has been to provide industrial manufacturers with adaptive control, monitoring and management solutions for metal cutting that make it possible for them to work smarter, more productively and efficiently, while reducing costs and conserving precious resources.

OMATIVE’s vision is to continue developing manufacturing solutions that increasingly incorporate key technological advances so we can provide our partners and customers with systems that optimize planning, management and machining operations to the utmost and conserve resources while doing so.

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